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released March 3, 2017

All music written and preformed by DUST
Additional vocals by Corey Ben Yehuda

Recorded June 2015 by Tal Haruvi, David Bejamini
and Roy Ben Shmuel at the Heavy Studios
Mixed By Tal Haruvi
Masterd by Brad Boatright

All artwork by Lotem Ginton



all rights reserved


DUST Tel Aviv, Israel

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Track Name: Bastards In Blue
I see your face
I see those lights
I know what's going on
it’s just another night for you
but it's my life you fuck

Empty your pockets
and open your bag
can I see your badge number
I got cuffs on my hands

I did nothing wrong
just leave me the fuck alone
that's for me to decide
lets go for a ride down town

gonna set you up
assaulting a cop abstracting the law
it's our word against yours

There is must be something we can do
against this fascist bastard in blue
they're coming for me
they'll be coming for you
fascist bastard in blue

Apparently we have no fucking rights
everytime i see those fucking lights
get scared, Im all alone
it's me against them
and it's fucking on
mace my face and kick me down
another night Fucking Love this town
schoolyard bullies with guns
fascist bastard in blue
fascist bastard in blue
fascist bastard in blue
Track Name: Sliiping Away
My mind slippin’ away
I try to stop myself from slipping away

Ain't got a clear thought in my head
I'm mumbling, stumbling
nothing make any sense
I have to get myself right out of this mess
have to find a better place than this

I fucking hate this town
everything is fucking fake
I always have this feeling of missing out
I don't know why

Is that your knife sticking through my fucking back?
now I see, now I know
why I've got this constant ache
my so called friend my so called brother
I will not let you drag me under again
Track Name: Bloody Knuckles
Bloody knuckles from punching walls
I built around me, to shed me from this world
driven by hate, controlled by anger
I cannot bear this weight a second longer
Feel the whole world is on my back
and my knees are about to crack

It used to bring me power
used to bring me strength
now it’s dragging me under and I’m out of breath
this hate, it blooms this hate consumes
this hate...

Bloody knuckles from punching walls
I built around me, I want them to fall
I punch and I kick. this wall doesn’t budge
I built it myself and it made out of hate
bloody knuckles from punching walls
I built around me, watch them fall!
Track Name: Numb
take a bawl, bang my head through the wall

I take another, trying to smother myself with your love
I'm trying to feel nothing at all
lying still just me and my bong
I can't feel nothing at all
lying still just me and my bong

Everyday of the week
it's the same fucking thing
I just smoke and I toke
until I can't feel a thing
it's just me and my bong
the only thing that I need

lying still just me and my bong
doing nothing at all, nothing at all
Track Name: Plastic
You look so fine, almost sublime
I thought you are different from their kind

You open your mouth, it’s plastic
you’re plastic, it’s all plastic
I can’t trust my eyes
plastic, it’s all plastic
you’re all the same

I look around and all I see
people walking out of a factory
look the same, sound the same
so fucking boring so fucking plain
asking me to join in
I’m sorry I just don’t fit in

I refused to participate
I ain't like that
I can’t live my life like you
give me something real
Track Name: Roll
Time of my life
I’m head over heal
I guess this is love
I hope this is real
She fucking warned me
I didn’t care
I guess I was too blind
too fucking scared

I should have known
right from the start
I should have seen it
falling apart

I wasn’t blessed with
the foresight of fucking nothing
I stumble into anything
I should have seen this one coming
Track Name: Sick, Tired
I’m tired and I’m sick
sick of being fucking tired
this endless routine
that brings me down under

Another day goes by (fuck)
and I can’t stop wondering why
our love has died

You built this castle for yourself
and you briefly let me in
to see your greatest fucking fortune
your hops and your dreams
and I wish I could stay
but you pushed me away
so here I will lay
and here I will stay
hoping you let me back in

I’m tired and I’m sick
and I’m sick of being tired
Track Name: Midas Touch
Endless days, sleepless nights
turn from weeks in to months
fucking years just goes by
nothing new under my sun
I've got this thing, I can't explain
always starting, never fucking end
I guess I'm outta touch
I guess I'm outta fucking luck

Everything that I do
anything that I try
doesn't work out, and I know why
I've got the Midas Touch
everything that I do
anything that I touch
turn to shit, turn to dust
I've got the Midas Touch

Don't even try to understand
what goes on inside this head
even when I’m succeeding
I feel this inner bleeding
never truly satisfied
I've got no where to hide
always bumping into walls
I'm about to lose it all

I think I'm heading for a fall
always bumping into walls
I've lost all self control
I'm heading for a fall

Everything that I do
anything that I touch
turn to shit, turn to dust
I've got the Midas Touch
everything that I do
anything that I try
doesn't work out, I know why
I've got the Midas touch
Track Name: Discommunication
I have this problem
to express myself
every conversation
seems to be a fucking blank

it’s like I’ve got a
thousand things at once
running through my head
and I find it hard
to make sense of it all

I guess I shouldn't speak a fucking word..

you think you know me
but i don’t know myself
lost complete and out of track
of the things I love and the things I hate
only work and sleep for me
9 to 5 ...more like
8 till 6 days a week
I can barely make ends meet

the bills, the bills
this fucking job tied around my neck
I think I’m about to...
Track Name: PMA
It's a vicious circle I cannot escape
keep on doing the same mistake
It's like I'm going in repeat
something wrong inside my head
It's a fucking itch, I can't explain
something driving me insane

It goes on

so called hard time can't bring me down
I've got my friends and family to rely on
hard times won't bring me down
PMA all the way
I'll keep my knees off the ground
Track Name: Title
When the fuck did we became
more scum, less than men
climbing on each others back
for a better stack of money
and shit that we don’t fucking need
just consuming, feel with greed

Do it better, faster, stronger
we became a fucking monster
in this endless race
be sure we are the rats

You say it's human nature
I say it's our society
teaching us to fight each other
spread the hate like a disease
I see it every day
people look the other way
so obsessed with their success
they do not care about the stench of death
coming inside from the fucking banks

Lets take it back to the core
the way it was before
people have respect for one another
stop this hate, stop this slaughter
join together, take a stand
stop this fighting, make a change

I will always have
a reaching hand to help a friend
help out a fellow man
we all brothers, we all sisters
we should fucking stick together
take a stand,
Track Name: Glida
You ask me why I scream
I ask you how can I not
When everything around me
Seems to fucking rot

Don't know what to believe in
The media is full of shit
Propaganda taking over
Spreading ignorance and fear
The one in power are puppets
Money pull the fucking strings
I try to make a difference
On smaller scale

Find the time to help somebody
Always try to be positive
Never wanna hurt nobody
Hate only spread pain and grief
Sometimes it's seems the world against me
Never gonna let it get me down
Taking baby steps but I'm moving forward

You ask me why i scream
I ask you how can you not
When everything around us
Seems to fucking rot

I scream for those who listen
I scream for you to hear
I scream for those who can't
I scream because I care

I scream
Track Name: Role Model
For years I wanted with all my heart
to be something to take a part

I watched you from a far
wondering how is like to live the life you live
they say the grass is greener on the other side
well it's fucking plastic, that's why!

Nothing what it seems nothing is fucking real
everything you say seems to mean not a thing
you talk of unity and brotherhood
something you clearly misunderstood

you only care about yourself and no one else
I can't believe I fell for this
I guess it's my mistake
to think I follow your footsteps
I can't believe, I thought you were the man I want to be
it turns out it's me

After all this fucking time
my eyes are open
how could I have been so blind
the smell of burning plastic is in the air
do you think I fucking care?
cause I don't care no more
I don't need no fucking role model
I walk my own path

I just, I’ll be myself